6 thoughts on “Dungeon Meshi Chapter 74”

  1. it’s mind-boggling how bad the canaries are at their job. they fumbled this so hard. their one job is to make someone hand over a tome, and they try to accomplish this by explaining nothing, all but physically attacking them, and then being not just rude but racist, and then they wonder why marcille would consider them a threat and resist
    its in line with the elves’ general arrogance but holy shit guys come on

  2. I must say, the pacing of this series is really… really weird. The combination of plot, comedy, food, action, climaxes. it really messes up with my brain. I can’t deny that I’m really enjoying this series but I can’t also ignore the weird thing. I can’t really explain well… I can only say, its really really good story but once you notice the weird thing, it will left a weird taste. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Really? maybe it’s because im autistic but this is possibly the first book series i’ve read where i feel the pacing is perfect and realistic. in life things never happen as they “should”


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  • Dungeon meshi anime adaptation

    Delicious in Dungeon is a Japanese fantasy comedy seinen manga series written and illustrated by Ryōko Kui. There is no anime adaptation yet

  • When does dungeon meshi update?

    stay tooned!, when there are any updates we will post it first

  • Dungeon meshi review

    "Dungeon Meshi" is honestly a real hidden gem." -gbenz

    "I came into Dungeon Meshi with no expectations and no prior knowledge of what it was about or how good it might be. I was looking for a new manga to read and I tend to like stories involving dungeons in general so I clicked on it and tried it out. Overall, I'm very glad that I did." -Expedio

    "this work is mediocre"-deadoptimist

  • is dungeon meshi good

    Trust me this is not just a cooking manga as you have been led to believe. It's much more than that.

  • is dungeon meshi finished

    There are no updates yet about Delicious in Dungeon